Happiness – Balance – Growth

Strucol has been a pioneer in the engineering industry. We are the only detailing company in the world that is truly employee-centric in every sense. We ensure to provide the most healthy work environment so that all the employees can be the stakeholders in the company’s profit. One day we would like to step our foot into the CSR initiatives, however until then, we keep our heads held high with this immense sense of pride and accomplishment that we have achieved in the last couple of decades.

Our motivation towards the external stakeholders – (Our Clients)

Happiness – Our clients have not only been thankful to the service that we have provided but they have ensured our relationship of happiness goes to the extent where Strucol today has more than 88% of its business coming from past clients.
Balance – We have noticed many a times that fabricators have to make a tradeoff between time and cost of a project. We at Strucol understand the dynamics of this game and always provide the best of quality even if the tradeoff spins either ways, thus maintaining the overall balance.
Growth – We also believe that our growth is directly proportional to our fabricators’ growth. We make every possible effort to scale our operations in line with our clients’ business objective. Hence, today Strucol can boast about being the exclusive detailing partner for more than 10 clients.

Our motivation towards the internal stakeholders – (Our Employees)

Happiness – Our employees show their top-notch productivity in an environment that is mentally satisfying, monetarily stimulating and physically invigorating.
Balance – Strucol goes all the way in ensuring that the work-life balance is not text-book stuff anymore. Our employees take all the pride in being associated with this company for years all-together.
Growth – These simple-yet-effective initiatives by our top management has rewarded the employees by providing them with some outstanding growth potential and opportunities.